Nothing is more embarrassing or heart-racing than somebody walking in on you during a selfie photoshoot



i don’t care if it’s a only a joke, please don’t make comments about how someone’s choice of field of study isn’t going to take them anywhere because it can be a great source of stress and your joke won’t help.

also, destroy the idea that we should only pursue dreams if they are likely to give you status in this capitalist piece-of-shit society.

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Gotta love when your new hair colour makes you look a billion times more feminine



This is why you cant trust women, even when theyre mouth is closed theyre still lying to you

you do realize that this is really hurtful right?

i did not do this to show how i am ‘lying’ to men or anyone, it’s not about how you, as a man, should feel about it - it’s about myself. 

to me your statement sounds as if the left side of this picture is something awful or horrible. and no, it’s not. it is my face - with and without makeup. and whether i chose to wear it or not is MY AND JUST MY decision. and when i do, i do it for myself - so that i feel good about myself - not for you.

Not to mention the fact that by thinking women are “lying” by wearing makeup means you’re stupid enough to think any human being has lips that red, brows that full, cheeks that flush, etc. No human being is like that, and if that’s what you guys are expecting you have one hell of a wake up call ahead of you.

By saying “lie” you act like women have something bad to hide and cover up. But the fact is both sides are amazingly beautiful. The raw, unique and simple beauty of the left. The powerful, strong confidence of the right.


trying to figure out someone else’s shower


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Can’t wait till I have the money to catch up with my own style



simone rocha

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"A new study shows that men are threatened by confident women taking pictures of themselves, and call these women stupid, socially inept, and ugly. In other news, the world is round, the sky is blue, and the patriarchy is still shitty."

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Finished bummer school with an average 12% less than my goal :/ But by normal standards it’s average.
Have to love when the final is 70% comprised of your worst unit